Low-Pressure Sunbeds:  
Emit 5% of UVB (the burning ray)
Takes  8 to 15 sessions to build a base (depending on skin type)
1 to 3 times weekly maintenance (depending on bed 
          Clients can get the same great tan from any of our LP beds
          Some take a little more work than others to get the same results. 
          Your going to get quicker results,  the higher upgrade you go.

Level 1/Basic  -  The Ovation / 20 min. max / 34 lamps / 3400 watts
                               For those on a budget but want some good color and have the time for an energy nap. 
Level 2/Moderate  -  The Bravo / 15 min. max /  44 lamps / 5840 watts / 3 facial lamps   
                                      The Bravo is for those that are a little short on time but still want a quick energy nap and great color! 
Level 3/Luxury -  The Sundazzler /  Stand-up unit / 11 minmax / 46 lamps and 7360 watts 
                                       The Sundazzler is no contact therefore no sweat stand-up unit. Great unit to even out!   
                              The Encore / 12 min. max. / 44 lamps / 7440 watts / 4 facial lamps / built-in body fans
                                     The Encore features frosted acrylics which emits UV light out more evenly if you want the                                 feel of a hot sandy beach, this is the bed for you!                                               
Level 4/1st Class - The Crimsun / 12 min. max. / 48 lamps / 7680 watts / 4 facial lamps / built-in body fans
                                   The Crimsun is the Cadillac of all LP Sunbeds.  Gets you a beautiful base tan quicker and maintains with                                    sessions per week. It provides a cool and comfortable session with 3 sets of body fans and a misty breeze 
                                    ionization system.

High-Pressure Sunbeds:
Emits less than 1/2% to 2% of UVB (the burning ray)
Takes 3 to 5 sessions to build a base 
1 session every 10 to 15 days to maintain (2 to 3 times a MONTH)

Level 5/ Premier - The Ultrabronz / 30 min. max. / 18 lamps / 18000 watts
                                      If you want 30 minutes of total relaxation with a spa-like atmosphere this bed is for you!  You lay on
a                                     a comfortable sanitized mattress while enjoying the intense heat or stay cool and comfortable with 2                                     2 sets of fans and air - conditioning vented into each totally private room.
                                      The Solarix  / 12 min. max / 33 lamps / 4800 watts
                                Perfect for those that are on the go constantly...just give us 12 minutes of your time and we'll give you 
                                      some quick, deep color!

UV Free Spray Tanning:
  Cosmetic only (no protection from sun)
 Takes 1 session to get color (three formaulas to choose from)
 Weekly maintenance

The MyMyst/Mystic Booth / 2 minutes
  A customized sunless tanning application based on your skin tone and desired color. You enter a private booth that is voice automated.
  A sweeping side-to-side airbrush travels from head to toe while you rotate four times to get a uniform  natural-looking tan. 

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There are many levels of tanning and three different aspects: High-Pressure Sunbeds, Low-Pressure Sunbeds and UV Free Spray Tanning. It is strictly a preference of the client, depending on time, convenience and cost.  
         Ovation                 Bravo                  Sundazzler               Encore  
      Ultrabronz                   Solarix