New Client Specials(Everyday/All Day)...

*Tan Free in our basic bed "The Ovation" 

*Tan in ANY upgraded LP bed for ONLY $5

*Tan in our Famous Ultrabronz High-Pressure Bed for 1/2 PRICE

*Tan in the NEW Solarix X2 HP Sunbed for 1/2 PRICE

*Spray Tan in our MyMyst Mystic Tan Booth for 1/2 PRICE

*Relax in our Infrared Sauna for 1/2 PRICE

*1st Session Free in the Red Light Therapy Bed

NOTE: Clients are considered new in each level (LP, HP, Spray, R.L.T. or Sauna) may use more than one new client special if it's the first-time using that service.
      Mystic Mondays
                 1/2 Price Single Sessions every Monday : $10, $12, $14
 **50% SAVINGS**50% SAVINGS**50% SAVINGS**

                $14 Sauna Saturdays 
                                    and receive a...
      FREE TAN or Red Light Session 
                Have a mini-spa day...call to make an appointment today

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     The Lotion Extravaganza

  Get packages as low as 
  Monthly Unlimited $19 
  Points pak $10
  Just purchase a lotion accelerator 
  under $50...
    $10 instant savings on any tan pak
  over $50...
    $20 instant savings on any tan pak

       April Special
                Tanning without a lotion is like..                            brushing your teeth without toothpaste. 
                       Yes, your still brushing...
                but are your teeth getting clean. .